Free sample included in every order! Free shipping for orders over $75!
Free sample included in every order! Free shipping for orders over $75!
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WHY IS HANDCRAFTED SOAP BETTER?  Where do we start? Handcrafted soap is formulated to be gentle and mild to the skin unlike store bought soap which is actually not soap at all, it's made with detergent. It can strip the skin of its' natural oils which help to protect and moisturize. Handcrafted soap cleans just as well and leaves the natural oil barrier in place so your skin feels clean and fresh. Give it a try...your skin will thank you for it!

WILL I SMELL LIKE BEER IF I USE BEER SOAP?  No. You won't smell like a frat house on a Saturday morning...we promise! You will have the pleasure of telling friends that you bathe with beer though! Also, beer soaps lather and bubble up very nicely due to the natural sugars in the beer.

DO ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN NUTS?  No they don't. I purposely chose not to use any nut oils in my products. My niece has a life-threatening nut allergy and I wanted her to be able to safely use my soaps and lip balms. She has been using both for over a year...happily I might add!

CARING FOR HANDCRAFTED SOAP - Our soap is crafted in small batches and individually cut which makes it one of a kind. We only use skin-loving oils and quality ingredients that are gentle to the skin. Handcrafted soap will last longer by keeping it dry between uses and storing it away from water. Don't let it sit in water or it will turn into a gloppy mess and nobody wants that. The drier the bar, the harder it will stay, and the longer it will last.

SHIPPING - We strive to keep shipping costs low by using first class mail and priority mail. Shipping costs are estimated and automatically configured based on weight and location. Any shipping overages will be refunded back to you. Orders are usually shipped within 2-3 days. You will receive an email confirming your order and tracking information once it has shipped.