Hi there! My name is Lisa and I'm the Soapmaker behind Carolina Soap Market. My husband Adam does all the heavy lifting around here. Obviously we like to have a good time and make great soap too!
about us soaps
I started Carolina Soap Market back in 2016 because I wanted to limit the amount of bad stuff my skin came in contact with on a daily basis. I've always been a crafty girl so when I discovered I could make my own soap I went for it. After my first batch I WAS HOOKED! I have a passion for soap making and could talk for hours about why I love it so much and why you will love it too.
Check out the handcrafted soaps we have available, especially the beer & boozy bars. We have working relationships with many local breweries, distilleries, and cideries in the area and love making soap with their awesome products. The alcohol in soaps isn't just a novelty...the natural sugars from the alcohol actually boost the lather and make the soap even more bubbly.
Try one for yourself and feel the difference handmade makes!